GSE&IS Preliminary Teaching Credential

Multiple Subject or Single Subject Preliminary Credential

  • Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential
  • Single Subject Preliminary Credential in English, Social Science, Mathematics, Science and Music
  • Added Bilingual Authorizations in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese

The Teacher Education Program (TEP) offers a specialized urban teacher education program that prepares candidates to have the commitment, capacity, and resilience to promote social justice, caring, and instructional equity in low-income, urban schools. Credential candidates work with student populations traditionally under-served by high quality educational programs, especially those students who are racially, culturally and linguistically diverse.

TEP offers multiple programs leading to a preliminary credential and added authorizations.  These programs include:

  1. Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential
    Pathways: Urban Teacher Residency; Two-Year Graduate Program
  2. Preliminary Single Subject Credentials in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Music
    Pathways: Urban Teacher Residency; Two-Year Graduate Program; Joint Mathematics Education Program; Science Teacher Education Program
  3. Added Bilingual Authorization in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese


Credential candidates are immersed in collaboration as a valuable member of a cohort of developing social justice educators.  The cohort model provides ongoing opportunities for relationship building, regular spaces for critical dialogue and inquiry, and academic and personal support.  Each cohort is divided into content-specific teams of 15 – 25 students.  This team approach supports our students’ development as social justice educators, strengthens their ability to build community in their classrooms and prepares them to work in contexts of diverse workplaces and communities.

Coursework is designed with primary emphasis on understanding the complexities of urban schooling, developing strong, research-based content pedagogy, and connecting theory with practice in the field.  During Fall quarter, candidates complete their foundations courses and one methods course prior to the start of student teaching.  During Winter and Spring quarters, candidates engage in student teaching and complete their remaining methods courses.  Candidates student teach alongside an experienced classroom teacher who has content knowledge expertise, effective, research-based instructional practice, knowledge of data-driven instruction, mentoring and coaching proficiency, and a commitment toward professional learning and leadership. They are also supported in the field by university field supervisors. 

After earning their credential, students in the traditional program participate in a second year, during which they are full time teachers in urban schools. They are visited in the field regularly by university field supervisors, take classes, reflect on their practice, and create a Master’s Inquiry project, during which they examine their teaching and tie their practice to theory and socially just principles.


Teacher Education Program Website

Program Leaders

Emma Hipolito, EdD, Program Director Megan Franke, PhD, Faculty Director
Marjorie Orellana, PhD, Faculty Director


Jackie Honda
TEP Program Manager
(310) 794-2133

Harmeet Singh
Credential Counselor

(310) 825-8327