GSE&IS Preliminary Administrative Credential

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential 
Preliminary Administrative Services Intern Credential




The Principal Leadership Institute (PLI) trains and supports a diverse group of individuals committed to the principles of academic excellence, equity, and integrity as a way to maximize achievement and opportunity for students in urban schools. The Principal Leadership Institute at UCLA has designed a rigorous 15 month program aligned with the California Administrative Professional Expectations (CAPEs) that will prepare the next generation of urban school leaders. The program grants a Master’s degree and completion of the courses required for the California Tier 1 Administrative Credential. The program is designed to attract outstanding educators who have administrative interests and recognized potential.

Administrative Services Credential Clear Induction (Tier II)
Leadership Support Program

Leadership Support Program

The Leadership Support Program (LSP) is a Commission-Approved Professional Preparation Program for the Administrative Services Credential – Clear (Tier II).  The program at UCLA is a partnership with the University of California at Berkeley.  Our pilot cohort began in 2013. This fall, Cohort 5 begins in September.  This program is a vital support to new administrators who are managing the complex ecology of the urban school and district.  These new administrators are reform-minded leaders who, first and foremost, commit to improving the achievement for all students.  Through the LSP components, novice administrators expand and deepen their expertise in the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for successful leadership in urban schools.

The components of LSP at UCLA are:

  • Individual Induction Plans
  • On-site Coaching and Mentoring
  • Group and Individual Problem Solving
  • Monthly online meetings facilitated by experienced school leaders
  • Online workshops and Personal Learning Modules (3 times per year)



Principal Leadership Institute Website

Program Leaders

Nancy Parachini, EdD, Program Director
Robert Cooper, PhD, Faculty Co-Director
John Rogers, PhD, Faculty Co-Director


Nataly Birch
Program Coordinator
(310) 267-4905

Kim Mattheussens
Credential Counselor
(310) 206-1980