GSE&IS Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education Credential

The Career and Technical Education Credential Program allows you to partner with your school district employer to chart an exciting pathway into the teaching profession. This credential program enables talented industry professionals in select fields to begin teaching and leads to a California Designated Subjects Career & Technical Education (CTE) teaching credential through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

The CTE Credential in California program is a unique pathway into the teaching profession. It offers school districts the opportunity to hire talented and committed professionals with at least three years of qualified industry experience, in order to fill critical positions in designated subjects.

Candidates begin by working closely with their school district employer to determine the industry sector required for a qualifying teaching role. Once this determination is made, candidates work with UCLA Extension to document their industry-specific experience, obtain a recommendation for the Preliminary CTE Credential, and apply to the program. Approved candidates enroll in the CTE orientation course and immediately begin teaching. Subsequent courses include methods for instructing diverse student populations and best practices for lesson planning, assessment, safety, technology, and classroom management.

This immediate introduction to the intensive demands of teaching emphasizes mentorship. Candidates work closely with their school supervisor to identify a qualified and supportive mentor equipped to guide them through the challenges and long-term rewards of the profession.



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Program Leader

Allison Leggett, EdD, Program Director